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Production Service


You want to:


- Impress with a professional image (film)?

- Make customers curious about your products and services?

- Fascinate and retain customers?


and at the same time:


- Save money (advertising cost, etc.)

- Improve your Google ranking?

- Bring potential customers to your side and get them to stay there for longer than usual by using the gateway “video”?


Then we are the right choice for you.

We transform your goals and visions into spectacular images.


Our services in detail:


Complete media production

✓ Consulting

✓ Editorial or movie script (research + development of concept)

✓ Direction

✓ Shooting

✓ Post production: Cut, 3D animation, color grading, etc.

✓ Formatting into any desired format

✓ Design and packaging of DVDs incl. cover

✓ Integration of the videos into your website

✓ Support for online marketing

and many more


We implement your wishes creatively, professionally, and timely for you.

The complete package or just parts of it.


Our Portfolio includes:

Videos for video email

Video newsletters

Video conferences


Music videos

Image films

Industry films

Online trainings/Educational movies

Presentation videos

Advertising clips

and many more


Not just the product, you’ll love the price, too!


Production process:

The screen plays are developed by TV directors or script writers.

The shooting is carried out in cinema-like quality.

The final cut is processed with the best software and by experienced movie cutters and upon request we create a cinema-like look. All productions are narrated by professional speakers. Upon request, you are also able to book famous voices from the movie and television scene.


Shooting location:

We produce in Germany as well as on the Baleares, especially Mallorca, which is one of the most favorite locations for advertisement productions in Europe. There, we evolved to become one of the leading media service providers.

If you wish to market a product rather than a company, contact us! We have striking and attractive options on the Baleares that probably no other production provider in Germany has to offer (at the same price-performance ratio).


Production quality:

We make your image film look like a cinema or TV advertisement clip.

Our representative on-site will share the secret of our success with you.


If you are interested, please do not hesitate to arrange an informational appointment via “Contact”.